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On the move

Goodbye Canada! Today we crossed the border into the United States! Although we will be back into Canada for a couple very short visits, we likely won’t be living there for another four years or so! It was a strange feeling but exciting none the less to be moving on to another stage in our journey. We have not posted a lot this week and that is definitely due to packing! We stayed up to 3am many nights this week trying to sort, organize, catalog and pack our belongings. Everything we shipped on Friday, some will meet us in California while the rest will be held in Missouri before continuing on to Guinea. I’d like to say a huge THANKS! to our friend Melanie Seaborne. She spent to long days with us helping us get our packing done on time. I’m convinced that it wouldn’t have been possible without her. She was either rocking a crying baby or busily packing boxes all day long and wouldn’t leave until we were heading to bed.

Thanks also to Greg Ried for driving us down to the US today. Greg is a teacher at New Tribes and a good friend of ours. He rearranged his teaching schedule in order to take us down. On our way down today we received a call that a ceremony date has been set for Deb’s Canadian citizenship! What timing eh?! Her ceremony is on February 23rd, she’ll likely fly home with Emmaus, take the test and head on back to California with citizenship in hand.

These last few days with our family in Canada have been awesome if not a little sad. We spent most of the weekend together and no one got weepy! I can’t say the same for this morning though when mom dropped us off to meet Greg. Here’s a picture of the Copeland kids at Colin and Dana’s house:

The Copeland Kids on the Eve of Our Departure

The Copeland Kids on the Eve of Our Departure

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