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It’s hard to know where to begin! In some ways it seems like we’ve been here forever yet it’s only been five days. Our flights went quite well, they were not fun, and seemed very long but overall the boys did really well. We were late arriving into Conakry but our host was waiting for us. We zipped through the lines quickly to be greeted by the choir from our host church! It was just the encouragement we needed after an exhausting trip. Probably because we already visited Conakry before, I managed to fall asleep during the trip home. It was so exciting to finally see our new home in person after months of looking at photos.

The first few days have been used to just settle in and adjust. We have also spent a lot of time with our host family, Samuel and Charlotte, who have been SOOOO generous. They have made every meal for us since our arrival and are always ready to take us into town or answer questions. Canaan’s favourite part have probably been Yada, the local monkey. He’s a pet at our church and seems to love the boys and Debra. Me, on the other hand, he’s not too fond of.

Canaan’s best friend so far is a little boy named Dani-Jacques. They play often and get along well.
There has also been a lot of tough moments. The boys are having a hard time sleeping. They were both pretty good sleepers before coming but now that is NOT the case. Emmaus is getting teeth and that combined with the heat and noise, he just doesn’t want to sleep. There is now way to close the windows in the boys room, there are just bars and screen so the noise just pours in. Last night someone was partying nearby until the wee hours of the morning. We are also trying to learn how to best parent the boys here, definitely pray about that for us.

I’m running out of time here at the internet cafe, but here are a few pictures from our last few days:

(click here for a few more pics)

First five days in Guinea

First five days in Guinea

First five days in Guinea

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  • Dana Hill August 10, 2009, 10:09 am

    It’s great to hear that things are going fairly well. I’m sure in time, things will all fall into place. That last picture of Canaan and his new buddy is absolutely priceless!

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