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Reflections from the kitchen sink…

This evening I realized that I had a huge pile of dishes that needed to be washed. So after dinner I cleaned up the kitchen and got started on the looming pile. While I worked away at the dishes Norm gave the kids a bath, put them to bed, cleaned up the dining room and did some general clean up of the house. THANK YOU BABE!

My brain has been in hyperdrive lately. I have been processing so much lately. We have a huge life change coming and there are so many facets to it. Leaving Africa, living in Canada, the trip, packing, selling our belongings, buying new belongings and setting up a new home in Canada… and those are just the obvious things. Anyway, while I was washing the dishes my brain was hard at work. Here is a small peek into my thoughts as I washed away…


~Wow that is extremely loud music out there. Some of it is not that bad. Every now and then I hear a song in English. Its not that often we hear music in English. Although listening to the same songs blaring all day for the past four days is getting old!

~There are A LOT of dishes. How is it possible to use this many dishes in 2 days? I guess making those delicious baked apple donut muffins this morning didn’t help anything! But they were soooooo good. Definitely going to have to keep that recipe on hand.

~ I wonder which cookbooks I should keep and which ones I should leave here?

~ Washing these dishes with these rubber gloves on is HORRIBLE. If it wasn’t for this nasty cut on my finger I would NOT be wearing them. Its exhausting… I have no grip and zero sense of feeling… is it greasy? is it still soapy? Definitely not using these again.

~Speaking of the cut on my finger… I am so sad my blender broke this morning. I love my blender… or loved it. Its been one of my best friends here in Senegal. Lots of blended coffees, smoothies and all sorts of wonders came from there. I will miss it. I guess I will have to survive the next few months without one. ='(

~ Oh my… there are so many dishes!

~ A 3 year old boy + discovering mommy’s razor = blood and tears.

~ My husband is my HERO! He is the most caring, loving, selfless human being in the whole world. And he is MINE! I am so lucky.

~ Man am I going to miss Africa. I love it here. I guess I really have a love hate relationship with Africa. I love the adventure of it. But I hate how much I am missing out on my kids lives from being so sick.

~God’s promises are so comforting. I am so glad He gave us so many and that they are 100% reliable.

~ I am so very thankful for our friends who have been bringing us meals during this difficult time. How would I survive without them?!?

~ Oh boy… so many dishes… A dishwasher would be great right now. Dishwashers are wonderful!

~ Speaking of wonderful, my husband is WONDERFUL!

~ I am going to miss hearing the call to prayer every day. I have such an emotional attachment to that sound now. It reminds me throughout the day to submit my every thought, action and word to Him. What a great reminder.

~ I am so glad there is power right now to do these dishes. Doing the dishes in the dark is hard and sometimes creepy. You just never know what creepy crawlies are lurking around in the dark!

~ I am so thankful for the Peppermint Mocha CoffeeMate powder my little sister bought me. Its so yummy. The next best thing to Starbucks Peppermint Mochas… at least here in Senegal. ;) They sure make me feel more Christmasy.

~ Did I mention my husband? Oh how I love him!

~Voila! Done! Finished! Finally! Now… collapse.


I guess the pile wasn’t THAT big! Haha! But I have been so weary in body lately that by the time the evening comes I am so exhausted and in so much pain that standing there for 30 minutes was quite the feat! Thank you to all of our friends who are loving us, praying for us, writing us with words of encouragement. You are all so amazing and making a huge impact! Keep it up!

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  • Grandma Lynn December 4, 2011, 2:22 am

    Definitely praying for good health and a dishwasher in your new home, to make hospitality easier and so much more fun! Love you very much!

  • Mom December 4, 2011, 3:38 am

    Debra, thank you so much for writing that. I love listening to your thoughts. I am so proud of you. I can’t even think up the words to tell you how much my heart cries out to God in thanks that He walks with you strengthening you and for the gift of your husband. You are a testimony to me of strength! I love you so much. I do hope and pray that God has better health in store for you in Canada. I know that He has all good things in mind…. and I know He has blessed your children and husband with the opportunity to see strength in you during times of great weakness. Praying for you. Your mommy.

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