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Training: Complete!

PRIDE training

We are so glad that the PRIDE training course is finished! It feels so great to be one step closer to our little girl. It was an extremely informative course. We are so glad it was broken into two weekends so that we had time to really digest the information that we learned and went over. Our materials for the course were over 400 pages! We still have not read all the materials but we have them and can now use them as a reference. We definitely feel a lot more prepared to go into adoption. We now know so much more about the adoption process, traumatized children, raising an adopted child, attachment disorders, counseling options, etc.

It was also so great to meet other couples planning on adopting. We had great group and it was so nice to hear their stories, why they are adopting and their adoption plans. We will be praying for them as they also continue in their adoption journey.

Thank you for your prayers as we traveled to and from the course and for the kids as we were away from them. Overall the weekend went great but we are so glad its done! =)

On Wednesday we are having our second homestudy meeting. We are so thrilled to be doing our homestudy, although, its a TON of work and takes a lot of time. But we want to be as prepared as possible for our little girl.
Please pray for us as we are trying to find an adoption agency who will help us adopt from Guinea. There are no agencies in Ontario that are licensed to facilitate adoptions from Guinea. There is currently one agency that seems willing to help us. We really feel like we need to continue searching to see if there are any other options before committing. Please pray God will give us wisdom on what to do about this, if he wants us to continue searching, maybe even getting creative on this matter or go ahead and commit to the one agency so far that is willing. We will continue to update you concerning the agency as we have more info.

Love a girl

My little sister Christy sent me this. It is so true! We are so so so in love with our little girl! We do not know her yet and she likely isn’t even born yet… But we sure do love her. We are working so hard for her. And we are so very anxious to wrap our arms and hearts around her!

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  • Tami May 5, 2014, 4:36 pm

    So excited to walk this walk of faith with you toward a precious child God has created for our family to love!

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