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Happy 30th Birthday Debra!


Today is Debra’s 30th birthday! Earlier this week I posted about Debra’s desire that if anyone wanted to give her a birthday gift, that it be for our adoption. Thank you so much to everyone who gave! A number of people gave multiple gifts of $30 and between all of the birthday gifts we received 27 gifts of $30!

This is a good example of Debra’s heart. A 30th birthday is one of the big ones! On mine she organized a surprise party at my parent’s. On her own birthday, she’s thinking of others, not herself! I was blessed to spend 12 of Debra’s first 30 years with her. They were so amazing that you can imagine how excited I am to spend all of the next 30 together!

Thank you again for celebrating with us the birth of an incredible woman of God. A selfless wife and mom. My best friend.

I love you Debra Lynn, Happy Birthday!

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