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On Saturday we hosted a little get together for other families adopting or have already adopted from Haiti. We are finding that this whole adoption journey is quite the roller coaster ride. We need to spend as much time as possible with other families in the same process to encourage each other on.

We had originally planned to have an outdoor potluck at the mission. But as the day grew closer it looked like it was going to be a VERY rainy day. So we ended up squishing into our house. We actually ended up with just the perfect amount of people for our house. It was such a fun time to talk about all things Haitian adoption! We talked about agencies, laws, life in Haiti, different orphanages, traveling, post adoption adjustment, health concerns and so so so much more. We truly had such a great time.

We had one little boy who was just recently brought home from Haiti. He was definitely the center of attention. He was so so precious!

We hope to hold these get togethers once every six months or so. I am already anxious for the next one.  It feels so good to be plugging into this awesome community. The groupHanging out

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