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Just thought I would give you a very brief adoption update. We are very busily working on our dossier. Our dossier is a huge collection of documents that will be sent down to Haiti. In our dossier we need things like original birth certificates, original marriage license, a letter from our bank and employer, financial records, personal references, photos, psychological examination, medical reports, a statement of why we want to adopt and SO SO SO much more! Its a huge undertaking. We have been working away at if for a little while. Well a few days ago we got a call from our adoption agency, they told us that they are headed down to Haiti mid November and would like to take our file down in person. This would be WONDERFUL! Only problem is we are not sure we can get it done in time. They also said that it would be really great to get our file down their so that they can start looking for potential matches for us! This is really very exciting! Please pray that we can get the remaining documents done in time! We are just waiting on a couple of key items.

Also, we were finally able to send in our second payment to our adoption agency. Wahoo!!! This is so amazing! I can’t believe how wonderfully God is providing. It is truly a miracle!! Please continue to pray as we attempt to raise the much needed funds to bring our precious Haitian children home to us! We can’t hardly wait until we have faces to go with this huge love that we already have for them. =)

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