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Yesterday we finished our adoption file! We have been working very hard to compile all of the many documents needed. We needed things like original birth certificates, marriage license, personal references, psychological assessments, medical reports, bank and tax statements, photos, etc.. This morning we mailed it to our adoption agency. Very exciting!
Last night we prayed over our dossier. We prayed for our future children, for the extremely long and difficult journey that lays ahead, for all those who will be handling our dossier, for the finances still needed and for our family that we would grow in our faith and shine as lights to the world throughout this process. Please continue to pray for us and our future kids! We need your prayers!

We had originally expected it to go down with a woman from the agency a few weeks ago but there was a miscommunication and to make a long story short – there wasn’t enough time. Once it arrives, the agency has to complete the translation into French and have it all legalized by their lawyers. Then hopefully in a few weeks it will be hand delievered to Haiti! Once it is approved by the Haitian childrens services, we can wait for our match! The boys are so excited as they look forward to new siblings. Thank you for praying! It’s been a long journey, and we are still in the very early stages with much more to go. We can’t wait until one day we have a picture to share with you, and show you the faces of the children that you’ve made an impact on though your partnership with us.

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  • Grandma Tami December 1, 2014, 8:02 pm

    Dad and I are excitedly awaiting not only the new grandchildren but how this walk of faith is going to do a transforming work in all of us! Love you. Mom

  • Lisa Gouldsbarry December 9, 2014, 7:36 am

    Our family is very excited for you! We remember the joy of meeting these milestones in our adoption journey. We will continue to pray!

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