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Happy 9th Birthday Canaan

IMG_0836Last week we celebrated Canaan’s 9th birthday! Wow have these years gone by so quickly. What a good reminder to savour the moments, each one. Canaan was born during Spring Break while we were in the training with NTMC. And this year his birthday was during Spring Break again and we ended up celebrating Canaan’s birthday twice. Once as a family during Spring Break and today we successfully pulled off a very last minute surprise birthday party with some of his best buddies.
We are so proud of our Canaan. He is so tenderhearted and loves people. He is very outgoing and talks more than I thought possible for any human being.  He is so passionate about so many things. I am constantly in awe of who he is becoming. IMG_0682

Our adoption is always on Canaan’s mind. He talks about it every day and prays for our adoption to go smoothly at nearly every meal. He has been trying to come up with ways to raise money to pay for our adoption. Some of his suggestions have been:
-Selling his clothes!
-Sell his toys.
-Make bead bracelets to sell to our neighbours.
-Do chores for money and then give that money to the adoption… (Until we explained that the money would come from us and not really help at all.. LOL)
-Buy journals at the dollar store and sell them for double the price. =)

He has so many ideas… most of them wouldn’t work at all. But he is constantly thinking about it. He wishes he could do more. But these kids don’t realize how much they have already given up and will give up in the future. They are our biggest advocates and it is beyond precious to me.

A few months ago we talked about presents at his birthday and he thought it would be awesome to forego gifts and have his friends bring small donations to the adoption. I knew he would get money/presents from his grandparents so this worked out wonderfully. He didn’t know he was going to have a birthday party, but when we planned his surprise party we asked his friends to just bring a small donation instead of a present. He was quite excited about this. At his party today he raised $67.65! Way to go Canaan. Thank you to all of Canaan’s friends for that! You guys are awesome!

IMG_0850This is Canaan’s “what in the world is going on” face when he walked in the door and all of his friends yelled “SURPRISE!”IMG_0841We did a food challenge game. These are a couple of the items the boys were challenged to eat. We also had canned beats, raw potato, sardines, pickles, olives, and marshmallow with mustard all over it. They boys had a really fun time. It was quite entertaining. IMG_0859

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  • Tami March 26, 2015, 12:18 am

    What a precious and amazingly precious boy!

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