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Great news and bad news!

Our FBI background checks arrived today!! Yahoo!! God really worked an awesome miracle! Somehow someone at the FBI found out that we needed these checks done ASAP and ran them as soon as they arrived at the FBI and mailed them off the next day. God is so good. Seriously! How does that happen!??!

Now that we have these background checks we should be getting “ministry approval” in the next couple of days. “Ministry approval” is the government of Ontario approving us to be adoptive parents. We had to have that approval before our papers can head down to Haiti.

We also received a bit of disappointing news.  Even though the background check came in so quickly we still need to get a few things updated. Nine things to be exact. Most of these will be very easy and quick to update. But a few of them are slightly more challenging or time consuming. We need to have our medical reports done again. We are not sure how long it will take to get in to see the doctor. They are often booked months in advance. We are hoping the doctor will be able to slip us in really quickly so that he can just quickly update the medicals instead of completely doing them again. Another big question is our psychological exams need to be updated. It was $1200 to get these done originally and we had to drive 2 hours to go see the psychologist. PLEASE pray that we wont have to go back in and do them all over again. Pray that they will be willing to either update it or meet with us over the phone. We also had to update our local police check. We went in this morning and they said it should be back in tomorrow! I’m amazed at how quickly it will be done! Thank you God!

I will post as soon as we get our ministry approval! Thank you for walking this crazy journey with us!

Have a blessed day today!


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