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One Year Anniversary

We're adopting!

One year ago we posted our big adoption announcement! If you never read it please do! Just click here: A Leap of Faith!

It’s been a true roller coaster ride. Up and down, fun and scary, happy and sad, exhilarating and nauseating. But most of all its been an incredible journey of faith!

When we first thought about adopting we had a pretty simple idea in our heads. Fill out some papers, raise a little money and voila: A new kid in the family!

This little picture that I found on Facebook has been so true for us this past year:

We have been through a year long crash course on international adoption and yet we are still only learning the tip of the iceberg.

So much has changed from the first day we decided to adopt.  We originally thought we were going to adopt only one baby girl from Guinea, but God closed the door on adopting from Guinea. We then decided to adopt from Haiti. And slowly over time God really moved in our hearts and nudged us to change our plans yet again and adopt two children! Not only two but not babies. In Haiti most children available are between 3-6. And the process takes several years. So we are looking at bringing home two kids between the ages of 5-8. faith-mlk-quoteI know that if we planned on spending 3-4+years in the adoption process to adopt 2 children that are much older than babies and spend around $70,000 doing that…. I would NEVER have signed up for it. But you know what?! God worked in our hearts, brought us to this place, and we are OVER THE MOON excited! I’m so glad God works on our hearts slowly, one little bit at a time.

One year ago we posted that we were taking a giant leap of faith. And that it has been and will continue to be a leap or journey of faith for many years to come! I’m incredibly glad that God has brought us to this path. Its a scary uncomfortable path… but and incredible one that I very much want to continue traveling, with HIM as our guide!

If you haven’t been following our adoption feel free to browse through all of our adoption posts: Copeland Adoption

Thank you for walking with us on this journey! Have a blessed day!

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