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We have a few fundraisers going right now. I thought I would post a little bit about them! We are still need to raise around $30,000! We are so amazed at how God has provided for us so far. We have found the one of the best ways to raise money so far has been by selling things. People love to buy something for a good cause. We so very much appreciate all of the MANY people who have already helped us and purchased things from us for our adoption! It is so encouraging to us. Our kids have hundreds of people helping them come home!

Right now we are doing three fundraisers: Steeped Tea, Just Love Coffee and Mabel’s Labels.


Just Love Coffeeurl

Just Love Coffee is an incredible company, they donate a portion of the proceeds from everything they sell. In their first two years of business they donated over $200,000 to adopting families, non profits and the like. They offer lots of variety and all of their coffee is roasted in small, non automated batches. They offer fair trade and organic coffees. These are excellent high quality coffees and make great gifts!  They also offer single serve cups (like K-cups), mugs, clothing, hot chocolate and more! Take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you have! To shop visit: https://justlovecoffee.com/copelandadoptionSidamo_v3_NoWt


Steeped Tea


Steeped Tea is a very family oriented company!  Fundraising is a huge part of this company and they give to many different programs and people in need. Steeped tea offers many many teas and tea products like tea cups, travel mugs, infusers, tea pots, etc. But for right now we are participating in their fundraising program. This program offers 12 of their most popular teas and three different types of infusers. Each item is $12 and 40% ($4.80 from each item) goes directly towards our adoption! We need to sell at least 48 bags of tea and infusers in order to qualify as a fundraiser. So PLEASE share this with your tea loving friends or buy them as gifts! They make a perfect back to school teacher gift. If you would like to order please contact me at norm.debra@gmail.com or on Facebook. =)
2015_07_23_12_02_41 2015_07_23_12_02_45Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels is also a company big on giving back! Mabel’s Labels offers lots of different kinds of labels so that you don’t lose your stuff. Its perfect for back to school! You can get durable stick on clothing labels, iron on labels, bag tags, household tags, shoe labels and much more. They are all fully customizable and really great quality. I especially love them for winter wear or anything my kids take along with them and tend to misplace! Mabel’s Labels offers 20% of anything you buy and they have free shipping on all orders in Canada and the US! To shop visit: https://www.mabelsfundraising.com/campaigns/23919-copeland-haitian-adoption

Other stuff!
I have a huge bag full of products I am still selling.

I still have: 

  • Haitian cereal box bead bracelets and earrings.imgres-1
  • Head bands from 3 CordsEDIT8256_large
  • Pacifier clips, key chain fobs, rice boo boo bags11114739_10155706937130413_2570324675077072808_nPlease feel free to contact me for info on these items or any other questions you may have! Email me at norm.debra@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook!


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