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Full Time Fundraising


Wow! What a crazy couple of months we have had! We ended August and began September with two full weekends of running a garage sale and bake sale.

IMG_5521We have been collecting things up from friends for these garage sales. Everyone has been so generous with us, helping us work hard towards our adoption goals.

IMG_5517Along side of the garage sale we ran a bake sale and a BBQ. After two weekends full of setting up, tearing down, baking, BBQing, and fighting off the rain we were totally exhausted.

IMG_5518 In the end we made around $1200. Thank you to everyone who donated, baked, came to our BBQ or helped us in any way! We are so grateful for your help!


After our garage sale marathon I ended up getting sick. I was pretty much out of it for an entire week.

Just after the garage sales were over I began selling Haitian Metal Christmas ornaments. I sold them last year as well and it went very well. I usually sell them on Facebook. I still have about 100 left! So let me know if you want more details.

After all of the baking I did for our garage sales we toyed with the idea of running an adoption bake shop from home. So mid September I started “Debra’s Adoption Bake Shop.”


I have been focusing mainly on pies, but I also make pretty much any other baked good. This has kept be VERY busy over the last 2 months.

12112370_10156328387870413_2408105547059331282_n I have made around 65 pies, many muffins, pumpkin bread, banana bread, tarts, scones and I have also decorated a cake for a first birthday party.

IMG_7138Running the bake shop on top of all of my other responsibilities been super busy. But I absolutely love it… and from the response I am getting everyone seems to love my baked goods.

12143177_1666144246963077_857664799894214129_nI am extremely encouraged each and every time someone places an order. Our village of people helping us bring our kids home from Haiti just keeps on getting bigger.

We have also been busy with various other things like an Adoption Fundraiser Steeped Tea party, making Minecraft costumes for the boys, Canadian Thanksgiving, preparing for a mom to mom sale, etc!

IMG_7151 IMG_6519
The month of November is shaping up to be another CRAZY busy month! I have lots of orders to fill, Emmaus’ 7th birthday, Christmas parties, church get togethers, a sleep study, and preparing for our trip to California.
Well… maybe one day we will catch our breath! But for now… we will keep on going! Working hard to bring home our kids from Haiti! Every day I dream of the moment they will put their hands in mine and I will become their mommy! Thank you Lord for entrusting us with this journey! We are truly blessed!


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  • Mandie November 4, 2017, 8:49 pm

    Do you still have ornaments? If so, pics? And how much?

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