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How are you feeling: The solution


After”self diagnosing” myself with a candida overgrowth I started noticing a bunch of my friends talking about Plexus. Plexus was changing their lives! They were all raving about it. I am a MAJOR skeptic of any kind of supplement. If you can’t get it from the food you eat, you don’t need it… Well, that theory works ok… but I had been so sick I was ready to try almost anything. Plexus says that it is all natural and that definitely interested me. I checked out the ingredients lists and it IS indeed all natural and the list of ingredients is quite simple and easy to understand. imgres
So I started asking questions… Is it really helping you the way you say? How is it making you feel? Are you exaggerating? Is this for real?

So I finally took the plunge. But I made Norm dive in with me. I didn’t want to see results and then just talk myself out of it and say I made it all up in my head.  We greatly anticipated the arrival of our first months supply of Plexus.


After a few days on Plexus we would compare “notes.” How are you feeling today? How did you sleep? Did you have a headache? Were you sleepy? Did you have more energy?
Some of the first things we noticed was how well and how deeply we were sleeping. It was the best I could ever remember sleeping. We also noticed that we didn’t feel super sleepy during the day. This is HUGE for Norm. Norm can’t drive 5 minutes in the car without struggling to stay awake. Norm works at a desk all day long and finds it extremely difficult to stay awake and have a clear mind. I could hardly believe how awake Norm seemed. He would come home from work with a lot more pep in his step! He normally comes home from work looking like he hadn’t slept in weeks, he acted like it too. Well not now! He kept going on and on about how he wasn’t struggling to stay awake in the car nor at work.
I felt like I finally had the energy to get everything done each day… and then in the evenings I still felt like I could keep going. I used to lay down every few hours just to rest for a little bit.

My headaches were definitely decreasing in strength and frequency. I was however getting weekly headaches when I would up my probiotic dose. Those headaches were candida die off. In a way it was encouraging getting the headaches… this stuff is actually killing the candida off!

Another major benefit for me has been my anxiety is gone. Ever since Berea was born I have struggled with feeling incredibly overwhelmed… by basically nothing. Its been so frustrating. I basically wanted to shut myself in my room where it was quiet and there were no messes or anything to do. But on Plexus… wow! I am a new woman! I feel so much more “present” in my life. I feel more engaged. Noises and social activities don’t freak me out anymore.

Taking care of the candida in my gut is also helping me make better decisions on what I eat. The sugar and carb cravings are nearly gone!
I feel like instead of hiding in my room where the sun wont make my headaches worse, I actually have energy to go out side and play with the kids. I spent pretty much the entire summer indoors… missing out on the many beautiful sunny days we had. Missing out on chances to go explore with my kids, go hiking with Norm. Not now! =)

Well I am beginning to ramble a bit so get ready for Part 3! What is Plexus and what does it do? images

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  • Beth Luyendyk November 4, 2015, 9:24 pm

    So that list like totally describes James…and well, maybe me a bit as well! I’m totally interested in learning more!!

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