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What is Plexus?


Now that I have briefly explained what Plexus has done for us, I am going to explain what it is. Plexus has many different products. But in this post I am going to focus on the Triplex combo, because that it was we have been taking.


Plexus is all natural and plant based.  It’s not a meal replacement or energy drink.  They’re supplements that balance blood sugar and heal the gut, getting to the root of many health issues. With everything that is added to foods these days it is reassuring to know I can have confidence putting this stuff in my body. Which is really important to me!

The Triplex combo has three different parts: Slim, ProBio5 and BioCleanse. Here is a very brief explanation of each of those.      


  Slim– It was one of Plexus’s original products and was created to help diabetics and hypoglycemics.  What they found was that as their blood sugar balanced, they lost weight.  Imagine that!  So even though Plexus markets Slim as a weight loss product, it helps everyone and addresses a number of struggles (energy, metabolism, diabetes, chronic pain, inflammation, inability to lose weight, hormonal imbalances, depression, PCOS, and more).  It is caffeine free, gluten free, and sweetened with Stevia.


  ProBio5– This is a unique probiotic that heals the gut by killing off Candida yeast and replenishing the gut with 5 strands of quality good bacteria.  It strengthens your immune system, helps with acne, allergies, asthma, eczema, digestion problems, sleep, and more.


    BioCleanse– Provides a gentle GI cleanse.  It oxygenates your body and supports healthy cell growth.  It gives you energy as your body is cleansed from toxins and waste.

I have been reading countless testimonials of men, women and children who are benefiting from Plexus. I was so skeptical… It can be pretty hard to change my mind on something. But after actually feeling the benefits of taking the Triplex and seeing such a night and day change in my husband… I am SOLD! And I can’t help myself but to share this with my friends and family.


These three beautiful children are three of the biggest reasons I started Plexus. I was tired of being the mommy who was always sick, had a migraine, didn’t feel up to going out for a walk or doing a fun craft together. Plus I have two more precious children waiting for me in Haiti! I want to be ready to be there for them, helping them go through one of the toughest times of their lives.

I love Plexus so much that I have decided to become an independent Plexus consultant. I have been working on learning more, taking some training and helping my friends and family find the products that will help them the most. An added bonus is that every bit of my commission will be going towards our adoption fund. So not only are you taking control of your health you are helping us bring our sweet kids home from Haiti! Win win!! Also they have a 60 day money back guarantee! I love that you can try it risk free.

Please contact me if you want more info.  I will send you some info and a few really great videos.

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