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Comfort zone


Plexus! Plexus! I am just LOVING what its doing for me and my family. Its been so fantastic. I feel like I need to shout my story from the mountain tops. How I wish I had heard about this sooner. I am really enjoying the opportunity to help my friends feel better too!il_fullxfull.710775850_6rpl

But you know what… this may come as a surprise to you. But sharing about Plexus and making Facebook posts about it is so so so far outside of my comfort zone. It scares me to death! I am so afraid that people will just think I am a “crazy plexus lady,” and not see me for who I am. I’m afraid they will tune me out. I’m afraid! But I am working hard to push my fears aside… because this stuff is so awesome! My health made it hard for me to dream about life and the future! But now I feel like I dream and those dreams are coming to life!

11120586_1011494912203687_2973250369029661889_nI am also afraid that people will think that I am just sharing about it make money. Ok friends… if I could buy it for you and give it to you I would. Its definitely NOT about the money. The thought of it helping us reach our adoption goals is so crazy exciting… But I know that we will raise all the money for our adoption one way or another. But how cool is it that I can help my friends get healthy and help bring my babies home from Haiti! WIN/WIN! Right? 1488726_847805881961077_5630691839852578833_n
Ok… so I have awesome news! I really wish I could get Plexus into each one of my friends hands. It totally breaks my heart when someone contacts me and really wants to try Plexus… but they say they can’t afford it. That is EXACTLY what I said! I said we couldn’t afford it. No way! But my health was so poor we decided to take advantage of a cash back deal that my friends were running. I am so so so thankful they were running that deal. Because without that I probably never would have jumped in and tried it out. And now I am getting healthier by the day and also bringing in an awesome income for our adoption!

So if you are considering Plexus NOW IS THE TIME! We are running three different sales right now at the same time!
1. Free shipping on all orders!
2. BIG cash back deals on all new ambassador sign ups
3. 10% off your entire order!

There is no way you are ever going to get a better deal on Plexus!images-1

Please contact me with questions! I am here to help!

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