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Keeping busy during “The Wait”

Its been pretty quiet here on our blog lately. That usually means we have been super busy and fallen out of the habit of updating all of our faithful followers. Sorry about that!
We sure have been busy. We spent almost all of December in California visiting family, sharing at churches and seeing friends. It was a very very busy time. It was so precious and wonderful to see our family, friends and supporters. We cherish each minute we get to spend there.

January was a month of getting back into the swing of things… Then as usual February has been a rough one. We spent most of February dealing with our frail earthly bodies. Norm and Deb both fell on the same day at different times. Norm faired well… but I ended up with weeks of back pain, muscle tension, migraines and sleeplessness due to messing up my back. Then we were hit with a very nasty virus that knocked us all down. Norm fought it off, at least he never ended up getting it really badly. The kids all had it and recovered within about a week of getting it. I, on the other hand, have been left with extreme fatigue, back and joint pain ever since.  I’m praying that it will pass soon. I am extremely anxious to get back at my normal routine.  Even though I haven’t been feeling well I have been practicing some of my baking skills to keep me somewhat occupied.

While we were in California we noticed that 90% of the time the first question people would ask us is, “How is the adoption going?” We LOVE getting that question! It means people are thinking about it and want to know/support us in this amazing journey. Never feel bad about asking that question… even though we hear it all the time.


So… how is the adoption going, you might ask? Its going very well. We are currently in the phase of our adoption that many people call “The Wait.” The wait can last a very long time when it comes to Haitian adoptions. Our file is in Haiti and its basically waiting in line. We are waiting and waiting and waiting for our referral. The referral is such a highly anticipated thing. When we get our referral we will find out who our two children are, how old they are, what genders they are and so on. We are anticipating to wait until around Christmas time for a referral… but as we have found time is very relative. Some people wait 6 months and others wait 5 years. Our prayer and hope is that we will have our referral for Christmas, but only God knows our timeline. We are so grateful to God for having this all in his hands. His timing is perfect! d9f15f1186c38bdf033692a259cfaa47

Right now things are pretty tense politically in Haiti which often times slows things down quite a bit. So please pray for peace in Haiti. Peace and good leadership is greatly needed.

Once we receive our referral we will be taking a 2 week trip down to meet our precious children. This is called the socialization visit. Its a time to meet them, get acquainted and meet with a Haitian social worker. Once the social worker approves our match then they will work to approve and finalize the adoption. This portion can take 6-18 months. It will be a BRUTAL time of knowing our children but not having them home with us.

We still have a long road ahead of us… but we are more excited than ever! Please pray for our kids. We do not know what they are going through in their lives right now… but they are constantly hanging heavy on our hearts. Pray for them as life might be confusing, difficult right now. Pray that God will prepare their precious hearts for us and ours for them.

Have a wonderful day!

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  • Grandpa Charlie February 25, 2016, 1:28 am

    Praying with you! So thankful you are right, God is in control and his timing is perfect!

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