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Happy Birthday Debra Lynn!

It’s a special day at the Copeland home, it is Debra Lynn’s birthday! We’ve lived in many places and done many things and it’s been Debra who has always made our house a home by loving our family so much! She is fiercely dedicated to her family, the kids and I are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Later today we’ll be getting a baby sitter for Berea (the boys are away at my moms) and heading out for a geocaching adventure and dinner together. Just the kind of adventure we love to have together!

I love you Debra Lynn! We’re quickly coming up on having spent half of our lives together, I’m excited to celebrate many many more birthday adventures together!

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  • Grandma Tami July 27, 2016, 12:52 pm

    Love you both! Happy Birthday sweet Debra Lynn!

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