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Slow progress

Hi Friends!

Many of you have been asking about our adoption. We truly appreciate everyones encouragement and support. Each time someone asks us how its going we are encouraged! Unfortunately, this time of waiting is dragging on and on and thus there are not too many updates! 

The past few weeks have been rather stressful as our agency suddenly announced a huge change. The Haiti program director that has been working tirelessly on our file the past 2 1/2 years was let go. All of us in the Haiti program with our adoption agency, TDH Ontario, were in shock and worried that our files would not be pushed along as well as they have been thus far. The Haitian adoption program is an incredibly complicated system. We had all grown attached to our advocate who was helping navigate our files through the maze of red tape! She herself had adopted from Haiti many times and has traveled to Haiti many many times.

Now the director of our agency, Manon, is also directing the Haiti program! That is a lot to have on her plate. But she is the best person for the job because she already knew all of us in the program and is familiar with the Haitian adoption system. She herself had been to Haiti this past March to visit all of the orphanages and the children’s aid (IBESR). She just went down to Haiti to reconfirm with everyone that all was well and to check up on the status of our files. We finally had the opportunity to speak with her yesterday. She was very positive and confident in how things were going. It was very nice to hear her voice and to hear her heart. She is very understanding of the fact that we have been waiting an incredibly long time for a match. She is working to get us a match as fast as possible! Praise God!

We have also been working on updating our home study, which expired a few weeks ago. It has to be updated every two years. So our prayer is that this is the last time we will have to do any updating or adding amendments to our home study. We just signed the update yesterday and sent it off in the mail to our social worker this morning. Next it will be sent to our adoption agency and sent to the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth services to be approved. After its approved, it will need to be translated and sent down to Haiti.

We are still confident and prayerful that we will receive our match sometime at the end of this year. We can’t hardly wait to set foot on Haitian soil and meet our children face to face. Our hearts are longing for that day. It is a very odd feeling knowing that your children are going about their lives, day in and day out, without you and without any knowledge of you. It is sad knowing that they are growing more and more without us. Each day we wait is more and more painful. We grieve the days we are missing with our children.

But that brings me to something amazing. Something absolutely incredible. GOD! God’s timing, God’s power, God’s plan. God is working hard on us through this difficult process. The many tears that are shed and the pain that grows in our heart are not for nothing. Each tear and each moment of pain cause us to run to God. We pray, we pray, we pray. We read the scriptures. We fellowship with our friends. God is using each moment that we wait to grow our faith, to bring us into a closer relationship with him, the creator of the universe. I feel like we are clinging to God in ways that we never have before. And that is what it is all about. That is the purpose of our life! To glorify God with our lives, to worship him, to grow closer and closer to him. And this is what is takes for me to grow. I need to be in a place of total dependence on him. And let me tell you… if it wasn’t for him I would not have made it this far in this journey.

The last few weeks I feel like God was teaching me something very specific. And it is beautiful! Am I putting my faith in people to get our files pushed through and matched with the right kids? Or am I putting my faith in HIM!? He is the one who laid this whole thing on our hearts many years ago. He is the one who knitted together my children in someone else’s womb. He is the one who is going to get his plan done and done right and done in his perfect time! But I had been leaning a little too much on the people working on our files. I grew comfortable in what they were doing… not necessarily what God was doing. Guys! Whatever is going on in your life, God has got it! He wants us to rest in the peace that passes understanding… knowing that HE is taking care of everything. Thank you Lord for this reminder! Even though it has been painful, I am thankful. 

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  • Leah May 24, 2017, 10:17 pm

    It’s always Truth that carries us through. How wonderful to have a court side view of the building of your faith!

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