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“What exactly is it that you do?”

Every morning at 8am I head in to the main office of Ethnos Canada to do something I love – be a part of the team working to see a thriving church for every people group.

Being ‘behind the scenes’ as we are, it can sometimes be difficult to answer the question “What exactly is it that you do?”. I typically spend half of each week focused on a particular project and the remaining half maintaining and updating Ethonos Canada websites, database, mailing lists, promotions etc. Along with family and adoption updates, I want to use this blog to share more about the specific projects I’m working on each week at the home office of Ethnos Canada. I hope that this gives you a better idea of the type of work it takes to keep our church planting missionaries focused on what they’re there to do.


As many of you know, the income we live on is supported by individual donors; churches, family and friends. It’s up to us to raise that support and communicate with our supporters. So how is the home office funded? Well, much the same way that we are. Churches and individuals support the various projects and operating costs of the home office. Over the last year around 1000 people supported the home office or gave to various projects such as Bible Translation, FirstStory, Aviation or many others. It’s important to take time to thank those donors. Over the last week I’ve been developing a system for making sure that the Public Relations department stays on top of thanking those donors and communicating our appreciation for their gifts.

Another project I’ve worked on, off and on, over the last few weeks is a display for our office breakroom. It provides staff news, updates and stats about our work. My hope is that it encourages, informs and inspires my coworkers and I as we work together. It was a fun project!

Thanks for your part in our ministry with Ethnos Canada! We love what we do and are incredibly grateful for the role you play in making it possible to do so!

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