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My Cuber

This is my speed cuber! About a year and a half ago Canaan became interested in Rubik’s Cubes. I personally have never solved one! But he seemed pretty interested in it. So after a while we went ahead and bought him a 2×2 cube. He mastered that right away. So after little while we went ahead and got him a 3×3 cube. And so began his obsession.

This Saturday he will be competing in his third speed cubing competition. He solves a lot of different cubes. He lives for a new cube to figure out. For a while has been teaching his friends at school how to solve them as well. Starting tomorrow, they are beginning a more official class. He is over the moon! We love his school! They are really fabulous at encouraging each person in their passions and strengths.Each time he competes, his competition times are listed on his World Cubing Association page. Check his scores out here: WCA   At his last competition his personal record for the 3×3 was 32 seconds.

Canaan made a video of himself solving some cubes. Check it out: Canaan solving some cubes


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  • Grandma Tami January 24, 2018, 3:40 pm

    AMAZING Canaan! Simply Amazing!! :) Love you!

    Grandma and Grandpa!

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