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From Darkness to Light

A week ago I started a new series of posts about the work I’m doing in the office of Ethnos Canada. Check out the last post for an intro to the series.

The Public Relations team, of which I’m a part, is working on a book that we can provide our missionary reps with at events. The reps can give away the book in return for an email address. Our prayer is that the person is encouraged by the book they receive as well as the follow-up email series they’ll get in the inbox. The email series features our core values like Bible Translation, New Testament church planting, teaching in the heart language and more.

The book is called ‘From Darkness to Light’ and features the story of how the Gospel reached and transformed the lives of the Inapang people in Papua New Guinea. My coworker Jason is focusing on the print version of the book while I’m working on the eBook version. I do most of my reading on an eReader and know that there’s a big difference between an eBook that’s just a quick conversion or one that’s built for an eReader. Amazon has put out a lot of resources related to creating an eBook and I really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of the process. If you’re curious about it, another helpful resource was this post.

Along with the eBook I put together a landing page where people can sign up to receive the eBook. It’s not officially launched yet but should be sometime this week. We’ll also be advertising on Facebook in hopes of getting this book into as many hands as possible.

If you’re interested in trying out the eBook on your Kindle, Kobo or any other eReader, send me an email or leave a comment. I think you’ll enjoy and be encouraged by the story and I would appreciate any feedback on the formatting.

This week I’ll be fine-tuning the landing page and the follow-up email series that people will receive after requesting the book. Along side that I’ll continue my routine work of our various system and databases as well as monitoring Facebook and Google advertising campaigns we’re doing for upcoming speaking events for Gracia Burnham.

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