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Board reports and quarterly meetings

This post is part of a series about the work I’m doing in the office of Ethnos Canada. Check out the first post for an intro to the series.

I always love starting a new quarter. It’s a fresh season with updated goals and plans – much like a new year. At the end of every quarter the PR team meets together to review how the last quarter when and what our goals will be over the coming quarter. I was encouraged by how well we were able to stick to our plan set for Q1.

I’m excited about my projects for Q2, they involve board reports, updating our donor account system, setting up an application system for FirstStory (our new ministry in Northern Canada), updating our members website and more!

Last week I began my first project: running reports for an upcoming board meeting. Once a year or so I run a number of reports to give to our leadership team to use in our board meetings. The majority of the reports I’m generating this year involve personnel statistics related to age, ministry, field of service, retirements, etc. Pray with me that the information I provide the leadership team with will be actionable and will help them make decisions.

Thanks again for your part in our ministry with Ethnos Canada! We’re excited to be a part of seeing a thriving church for every people!

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