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FirstStory and a Members’ Site

This post is part of a series about the work I’m doing in the office of Ethnos Canada. Check out the first post for an intro to the series.

It’s been a few weeks so my last post about the work going on in the office of Ethnos Canada – that probably means we’ve been quite busy! Last week my main project was an application system for missionaries wanting to work with a new ministry we’ve started in Canada called FirstStory. In case you’re not familiar with it, FirstStory is our ministry to the First Peoples of Canada. FirstStory has been excitedly received by many and is growing quickly! Part of that growth means increasing the size of our team. Missionaries from Ethnos Canada partners around the world are interesting in coming to Canada to join the team.

My job was to put together a way for the FirstStory team to interact with those applicants, screen them, provide them with the right information at the right time and when applicable make sure they have the documentation necessary to come to Canada.

This week I’m beginning a large project – rejuvenating and updating our members’ website. This will be a place for us to provide Ethnos Canada missionaries with the resources they need to communicate their ministry and also find finance related resources (taxes, financial statements, etc). This project will take place of the coming month. Please be praying as this week I been laying out a framework for the site and also defining the scope of the project. Thank you for your interest in our ministry as we serve as part of a team dedicated to seeing a thriving church for every people!

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