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Work on the members site begins

This post is part of a series about the work I’m doing in the office of Ethnos Canada. Check out the first post for an intro to the series.

Last week I began work on Ethnos Canada’s new members site which I mentioned last week. It’s longer than most of my projects and my hope is that by doing enough up-front research and planning we’ll end up with something that serves the team well and is built efficiently. We’ll probably be using WordPress and a few key plugins; possibly BuddyPress. I have a new whiteboard in my office and have loved brainstorming and mind-mapping on it. It works really well with how I think; it’s often the best way to find a solution to a problem or to be creative.

This week I’ll be pausing that project and building a new system for onboarding Volunteer Reps. Volunteer Reps are people who are excited about the work that Ethnos Canada is doing and would like to represent us in their community by speaking at events, going to missions conferences, etc. It’s a great way to get people involved who can’t train and join full-time but still want to give some of their time to be a part of seeing a thriving church for every people group.

Alongside my bigger projects I’ll be keeping up with regular system maintenance, keeping data clean and providing our reps who represent Ethnos Canada with the info they need before an event.

Thank you all for your part in allowing me to be here doing what I do! We appreciate your support!

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