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Back into the swing of things

This post is part of a series about the work I’m doing in the office of Ethnos Canada. Check out the first post for an intro to the series.

It’s been some time now since my last post about my work in the office of Ethnos Canada. Most of that is due to our July trip to California. It was a great trip visiting supporting churches, friends and family! We’ve been back for a few weeks while it’s been a busy month, we’re happy to be home.

My last post talked about the new members’ site that I was working on. It’s currently being tested and has been well received, thank you for your prayers for that project! I’m thankful to have put together something that serves our team. Next month, all going well, we’ll replace the old site with this new one.

This week I’ve got a number of projects to push forward including Facebook Ads for our ebook, From Darkness to Light and newsletter sign up sheets for our members who visit churches. We’re also beginning preliminary planning of a refresh for ethnos.ca. On top of that, I’ve also got all of my regular system maintenance to keep up with.

Thanks for your prayers as we work to equip our fellow missionaries in order to see thriving churches for every people group!

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