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Keeping busy during “The Wait”

Its been pretty quiet here on our blog lately. That usually means we have been super busy and fallen out of the habit of updating all of our faithful followers. Sorry about that!
We sure have been busy. We spent almost all of December in California visiting family, sharing at churches and seeing friends. It was a very very busy time. It was so precious and wonderful to see our family, friends and supporters. We cherish each minute we get to spend there.

January was a month of getting back into the swing of things… Then as usual February has been a rough one. We spent most of February dealing with our frail earthly bodies. Norm and Deb both fell on the same day at different times. Norm faired well… but I ended up with weeks of back pain, muscle tension, migraines and sleeplessness due to messing up my back. Then we were hit with a very nasty virus that knocked us all down. Norm fought it off, at least he never ended up getting it really badly. The kids all had it and recovered within about a week of getting it. I, on the other hand, have been left with extreme fatigue, back and joint pain ever since.  I’m praying that it will pass soon. I am extremely anxious to get back at my normal routine.  Even though I haven’t been feeling well I have been practicing some of my baking skills to keep me somewhat occupied.

While we were in California we noticed that 90% of the time the first question people would ask us is, “How is the adoption going?” We LOVE getting that question! It means people are thinking about it and want to know/support us in this amazing journey. Never feel bad about asking that question… even though we hear it all the time.


So… how is the adoption going, you might ask? Its going very well. We are currently in the phase of our adoption that many people call “The Wait.” The wait can last a very long time when it comes to Haitian adoptions. Our file is in Haiti and its basically waiting in line. We are waiting and waiting and waiting for our referral. The referral is such a highly anticipated thing. When we get our referral we will find out who our two children are, how old they are, what genders they are and so on. We are anticipating to wait until around Christmas time for a referral… but as we have found time is very relative. Some people wait 6 months and others wait 5 years. Our prayer and hope is that we will have our referral for Christmas, but only God knows our timeline. We are so grateful to God for having this all in his hands. His timing is perfect! d9f15f1186c38bdf033692a259cfaa47

Right now things are pretty tense politically in Haiti which often times slows things down quite a bit. So please pray for peace in Haiti. Peace and good leadership is greatly needed.

Once we receive our referral we will be taking a 2 week trip down to meet our precious children. This is called the socialization visit. Its a time to meet them, get acquainted and meet with a Haitian social worker. Once the social worker approves our match then they will work to approve and finalize the adoption. This portion can take 6-18 months. It will be a BRUTAL time of knowing our children but not having them home with us.

We still have a long road ahead of us… but we are more excited than ever! Please pray for our kids. We do not know what they are going through in their lives right now… but they are constantly hanging heavy on our hearts. Pray for them as life might be confusing, difficult right now. Pray that God will prepare their precious hearts for us and ours for them.

Have a wonderful day!

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Comfort zone


Plexus! Plexus! I am just LOVING what its doing for me and my family. Its been so fantastic. I feel like I need to shout my story from the mountain tops. How I wish I had heard about this sooner. I am really enjoying the opportunity to help my friends feel better too!il_fullxfull.710775850_6rpl

But you know what… this may come as a surprise to you. But sharing about Plexus and making Facebook posts about it is so so so far outside of my comfort zone. It scares me to death! I am so afraid that people will just think I am a “crazy plexus lady,” and not see me for who I am. I’m afraid they will tune me out. I’m afraid! But I am working hard to push my fears aside… because this stuff is so awesome! My health made it hard for me to dream about life and the future! But now I feel like I dream and those dreams are coming to life!

11120586_1011494912203687_2973250369029661889_nI am also afraid that people will think that I am just sharing about it make money. Ok friends… if I could buy it for you and give it to you I would. Its definitely NOT about the money. The thought of it helping us reach our adoption goals is so crazy exciting… But I know that we will raise all the money for our adoption one way or another. But how cool is it that I can help my friends get healthy and help bring my babies home from Haiti! WIN/WIN! Right? 1488726_847805881961077_5630691839852578833_n
Ok… so I have awesome news! I really wish I could get Plexus into each one of my friends hands. It totally breaks my heart when someone contacts me and really wants to try Plexus… but they say they can’t afford it. That is EXACTLY what I said! I said we couldn’t afford it. No way! But my health was so poor we decided to take advantage of a cash back deal that my friends were running. I am so so so thankful they were running that deal. Because without that I probably never would have jumped in and tried it out. And now I am getting healthier by the day and also bringing in an awesome income for our adoption!

So if you are considering Plexus NOW IS THE TIME! We are running three different sales right now at the same time!
1. Free shipping on all orders!
2. BIG cash back deals on all new ambassador sign ups
3. 10% off your entire order!

There is no way you are ever going to get a better deal on Plexus!images-1

Please contact me with questions! I am here to help!


Happy 7th Birthday Charles Emmaus!

IMG_7312Happy 7th Birthday Emmaus! We love you so much. You are a blessing in our lives every single day. You are truly an encourager. You want everyone to feel loved and you are passionate about cheering people on. We are so very proud of you and proud of who you are becoming.

This year Emmaus has prayed nearly the same prayer every day. “Dear Jesus, Please help our adoption and help everyone believe in you. Amen!” I just love that!

Here are a bunch of my favourite Emmaus pictures over the years. He is so photogenic and wears his heart on his sleeve. He is incredibly expressive!






What is Plexus?


Now that I have briefly explained what Plexus has done for us, I am going to explain what it is. Plexus has many different products. But in this post I am going to focus on the Triplex combo, because that it was we have been taking.


Plexus is all natural and plant based.  It’s not a meal replacement or energy drink.  They’re supplements that balance blood sugar and heal the gut, getting to the root of many health issues. With everything that is added to foods these days it is reassuring to know I can have confidence putting this stuff in my body. Which is really important to me!

The Triplex combo has three different parts: Slim, ProBio5 and BioCleanse. Here is a very brief explanation of each of those.      


  Slim– It was one of Plexus’s original products and was created to help diabetics and hypoglycemics.  What they found was that as their blood sugar balanced, they lost weight.  Imagine that!  So even though Plexus markets Slim as a weight loss product, it helps everyone and addresses a number of struggles (energy, metabolism, diabetes, chronic pain, inflammation, inability to lose weight, hormonal imbalances, depression, PCOS, and more).  It is caffeine free, gluten free, and sweetened with Stevia.


  ProBio5– This is a unique probiotic that heals the gut by killing off Candida yeast and replenishing the gut with 5 strands of quality good bacteria.  It strengthens your immune system, helps with acne, allergies, asthma, eczema, digestion problems, sleep, and more.


    BioCleanse– Provides a gentle GI cleanse.  It oxygenates your body and supports healthy cell growth.  It gives you energy as your body is cleansed from toxins and waste.

I have been reading countless testimonials of men, women and children who are benefiting from Plexus. I was so skeptical… It can be pretty hard to change my mind on something. But after actually feeling the benefits of taking the Triplex and seeing such a night and day change in my husband… I am SOLD! And I can’t help myself but to share this with my friends and family.


These three beautiful children are three of the biggest reasons I started Plexus. I was tired of being the mommy who was always sick, had a migraine, didn’t feel up to going out for a walk or doing a fun craft together. Plus I have two more precious children waiting for me in Haiti! I want to be ready to be there for them, helping them go through one of the toughest times of their lives.

I love Plexus so much that I have decided to become an independent Plexus consultant. I have been working on learning more, taking some training and helping my friends and family find the products that will help them the most. An added bonus is that every bit of my commission will be going towards our adoption fund. So not only are you taking control of your health you are helping us bring our sweet kids home from Haiti! Win win!! Also they have a 60 day money back guarantee! I love that you can try it risk free.

Please contact me if you want more info.  I will send you some info and a few really great videos.


How are you feeling: The solution


After”self diagnosing” myself with a candida overgrowth I started noticing a bunch of my friends talking about Plexus. Plexus was changing their lives! They were all raving about it. I am a MAJOR skeptic of any kind of supplement. If you can’t get it from the food you eat, you don’t need it… Well, that theory works ok… but I had been so sick I was ready to try almost anything. Plexus says that it is all natural and that definitely interested me. I checked out the ingredients lists and it IS indeed all natural and the list of ingredients is quite simple and easy to understand. imgres
So I started asking questions… Is it really helping you the way you say? How is it making you feel? Are you exaggerating? Is this for real?

So I finally took the plunge. But I made Norm dive in with me. I didn’t want to see results and then just talk myself out of it and say I made it all up in my head.  We greatly anticipated the arrival of our first months supply of Plexus.


After a few days on Plexus we would compare “notes.” How are you feeling today? How did you sleep? Did you have a headache? Were you sleepy? Did you have more energy?
Some of the first things we noticed was how well and how deeply we were sleeping. It was the best I could ever remember sleeping. We also noticed that we didn’t feel super sleepy during the day. This is HUGE for Norm. Norm can’t drive 5 minutes in the car without struggling to stay awake. Norm works at a desk all day long and finds it extremely difficult to stay awake and have a clear mind. I could hardly believe how awake Norm seemed. He would come home from work with a lot more pep in his step! He normally comes home from work looking like he hadn’t slept in weeks, he acted like it too. Well not now! He kept going on and on about how he wasn’t struggling to stay awake in the car nor at work.
I felt like I finally had the energy to get everything done each day… and then in the evenings I still felt like I could keep going. I used to lay down every few hours just to rest for a little bit.

My headaches were definitely decreasing in strength and frequency. I was however getting weekly headaches when I would up my probiotic dose. Those headaches were candida die off. In a way it was encouraging getting the headaches… this stuff is actually killing the candida off!

Another major benefit for me has been my anxiety is gone. Ever since Berea was born I have struggled with feeling incredibly overwhelmed… by basically nothing. Its been so frustrating. I basically wanted to shut myself in my room where it was quiet and there were no messes or anything to do. But on Plexus… wow! I am a new woman! I feel so much more “present” in my life. I feel more engaged. Noises and social activities don’t freak me out anymore.

Taking care of the candida in my gut is also helping me make better decisions on what I eat. The sugar and carb cravings are nearly gone!
I feel like instead of hiding in my room where the sun wont make my headaches worse, I actually have energy to go out side and play with the kids. I spent pretty much the entire summer indoors… missing out on the many beautiful sunny days we had. Missing out on chances to go explore with my kids, go hiking with Norm. Not now! =)

Well I am beginning to ramble a bit so get ready for Part 3! What is Plexus and what does it do? images

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How are you feeling?


IMG_7224Over the years I have become very acquainted to the question, “How are you feeling?” I have been sick more than healthy. We ended up leaving West Africa because of my allergies and migraines, I had two years of constant strep throat, had my tonsils out and I have been struggling with debilitating headaches and fatigue for the entire year. Most days I find it difficult to get basic tasks done. Grocery shopping, church, or social events always end with a nasty headache.

I have spent a lot of time at the doctors office, had my blood drawn many times. But the doctor can’t figure out whats wrong with me. Why do I have constant headaches? Why am I gaining tons of weight when I am eating well? Why can’t I sleep? Why are my allergies out of control? So far the doctor could not answer any of these questions. My blood work has been coming back completely normal. Which is WONDERFUL and yet kind of discouraging too. I need some form of relief!

I started doing some of my own research to figure out what could cause these symptoms. And one day the light bulb came on. I was on antibiotics so constantly that my entire system is so out of whack it can hardly function. When you take antibiotics it kills off the good bacteria in your gut and allows the bad to take over. Pretty much ever symptom I have can be answered by a candida (yeast) overgrowth. Weight gain, headaches, fatigue, allergies, anxiety, sleep issues, sugar cravings and so much more. As I did some research I found out that nowadays most people have a candida overgrowth and don’t realize it. Well I for sure had a major overgrowth caused by my chronic antibiotic use.


And guess what?! I have found something that has truly changed my life! I am so excited to tell you all about it! Stay tuned for part 2!


Full Time Fundraising


Wow! What a crazy couple of months we have had! We ended August and began September with two full weekends of running a garage sale and bake sale.

IMG_5521We have been collecting things up from friends for these garage sales. Everyone has been so generous with us, helping us work hard towards our adoption goals.

IMG_5517Along side of the garage sale we ran a bake sale and a BBQ. After two weekends full of setting up, tearing down, baking, BBQing, and fighting off the rain we were totally exhausted.

IMG_5518 In the end we made around $1200. Thank you to everyone who donated, baked, came to our BBQ or helped us in any way! We are so grateful for your help!


After our garage sale marathon I ended up getting sick. I was pretty much out of it for an entire week.

Just after the garage sales were over I began selling Haitian Metal Christmas ornaments. I sold them last year as well and it went very well. I usually sell them on Facebook. I still have about 100 left! So let me know if you want more details.

After all of the baking I did for our garage sales we toyed with the idea of running an adoption bake shop from home. So mid September I started “Debra’s Adoption Bake Shop.”


I have been focusing mainly on pies, but I also make pretty much any other baked good. This has kept be VERY busy over the last 2 months.

12112370_10156328387870413_2408105547059331282_n I have made around 65 pies, many muffins, pumpkin bread, banana bread, tarts, scones and I have also decorated a cake for a first birthday party.

IMG_7138Running the bake shop on top of all of my other responsibilities been super busy. But I absolutely love it… and from the response I am getting everyone seems to love my baked goods.

12143177_1666144246963077_857664799894214129_nI am extremely encouraged each and every time someone places an order. Our village of people helping us bring our kids home from Haiti just keeps on getting bigger.

We have also been busy with various other things like an Adoption Fundraiser Steeped Tea party, making Minecraft costumes for the boys, Canadian Thanksgiving, preparing for a mom to mom sale, etc!

IMG_7151 IMG_6519
The month of November is shaping up to be another CRAZY busy month! I have lots of orders to fill, Emmaus’ 7th birthday, Christmas parties, church get togethers, a sleep study, and preparing for our trip to California.
Well… maybe one day we will catch our breath! But for now… we will keep on going! Working hard to bring home our kids from Haiti! Every day I dream of the moment they will put their hands in mine and I will become their mommy! Thank you Lord for entrusting us with this journey! We are truly blessed!


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Quebec City

Last week we had the pleasure of flying up to Quebec City to share at our church up there. When we lived in Quebec City to start our French studies we began attending Église Évangélique Baptiste Renaissance. We made many dear friends there. It has been a little difficult keeping up with them because its a French speaking church and its a 10 hour drive away. We do try to get up there every few years to connect with them and update them on our ministry.



One of the big things we wanted to do this summer was to take a trip up there. Well a friend of ours won a pair of airline tickets, but he didn’t need them. So he gave them to us! What a blessing that was to be able to get up there for free. The kids stayed at Norm’s parents house and enjoyed getting spoiled by Gramma Sheila!

IMG_5161 IMG_5244

Since we didn’t have to pay to travel up there, we decided to take two days after to enjoy a little bit of vacation time. We found a hotel near Old Towne Quebec and enjoyed a couple of days of sightseeing, geocaching, good conversations, eating good food and just enjoying our time together. We rarely get opportunities like this. It was so much fun! It was such good time of reminiscing of our time there over 7 years ago!IMG_5238IMG_5221
Thank you so much Ryan for the tickets, the Dumas for having us in your home, Gramma Sheila for watching the kids and Église Évangélique Baptiste Renaissance for all the time and effort in your partnership with our ministry!


Happy Birthday Debra Lynn!

Today is a special day – it’s the birthday of the most incredible woman I have ever known! I am blessed to be her husband and our kids are also blessed to have her as their mother. I don’t know anyone who loves her family so deeply. She loves God and those around her:

Mark 12:30-31 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Debra continually gives to care for me and the kids – our 3 kids with us and also the 2 we haven’t met! She gives selflessly and tirelessly! I know that no matter where God takes us and no matter what He has for us, Debra is there and ready to take on the adventure with me!

Though it’s her birthday, we’re the ones who received a gift when God gave us Debra Lynn!




Shop for a good cause!

We have a few fundraisers going right now. I thought I would post a little bit about them! We are still need to raise around $30,000! We are so amazed at how God has provided for us so far. We have found the one of the best ways to raise money so far has been by selling things. People love to buy something for a good cause. We so very much appreciate all of the MANY people who have already helped us and purchased things from us for our adoption! It is so encouraging to us. Our kids have hundreds of people helping them come home!

Right now we are doing three fundraisers: Steeped Tea, Just Love Coffee and Mabel’s Labels.


Just Love Coffeeurl

Just Love Coffee is an incredible company, they donate a portion of the proceeds from everything they sell. In their first two years of business they donated over $200,000 to adopting families, non profits and the like. They offer lots of variety and all of their coffee is roasted in small, non automated batches. They offer fair trade and organic coffees. These are excellent high quality coffees and make great gifts!  They also offer single serve cups (like K-cups), mugs, clothing, hot chocolate and more! Take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you have! To shop visit: https://justlovecoffee.com/copelandadoptionSidamo_v3_NoWt


Steeped Tea


Steeped Tea is a very family oriented company!  Fundraising is a huge part of this company and they give to many different programs and people in need. Steeped tea offers many many teas and tea products like tea cups, travel mugs, infusers, tea pots, etc. But for right now we are participating in their fundraising program. This program offers 12 of their most popular teas and three different types of infusers. Each item is $12 and 40% ($4.80 from each item) goes directly towards our adoption! We need to sell at least 48 bags of tea and infusers in order to qualify as a fundraiser. So PLEASE share this with your tea loving friends or buy them as gifts! They make a perfect back to school teacher gift. If you would like to order please contact me at norm.debra@gmail.com or on Facebook. =)
2015_07_23_12_02_41 2015_07_23_12_02_45Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels is also a company big on giving back! Mabel’s Labels offers lots of different kinds of labels so that you don’t lose your stuff. Its perfect for back to school! You can get durable stick on clothing labels, iron on labels, bag tags, household tags, shoe labels and much more. They are all fully customizable and really great quality. I especially love them for winter wear or anything my kids take along with them and tend to misplace! Mabel’s Labels offers 20% of anything you buy and they have free shipping on all orders in Canada and the US! To shop visit: https://www.mabelsfundraising.com/campaigns/23919-copeland-haitian-adoption

Other stuff!
I have a huge bag full of products I am still selling.

I still have: 

  • Haitian cereal box bead bracelets and earrings.imgres-1
  • Head bands from 3 CordsEDIT8256_large
  • Pacifier clips, key chain fobs, rice boo boo bags11114739_10155706937130413_2570324675077072808_nPlease feel free to contact me for info on these items or any other questions you may have! Email me at norm.debra@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook!