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Full Time Fundraising


Wow! What a crazy couple of months we have had! We ended August and began September with two full weekends of running a garage sale and bake sale.

IMG_5521We have been collecting things up from friends for these garage sales. Everyone has been so generous with us, helping us work hard towards our adoption goals.

IMG_5517Along side of the garage sale we ran a bake sale and a BBQ. After two weekends full of setting up, tearing down, baking, BBQing, and fighting off the rain we were totally exhausted.

IMG_5518 In the end we made around $1200. Thank you to everyone who donated, baked, came to our BBQ or helped us in any way! We are so grateful for your help!


After our garage sale marathon I ended up getting sick. I was pretty much out of it for an entire week.

Just after the garage sales were over I began selling Haitian Metal Christmas ornaments. I sold them last year as well and it went very well. I usually sell them on Facebook. I still have about 100 left! So let me know if you want more details.

After all of the baking I did for our garage sales we toyed with the idea of running an adoption bake shop from home. So mid September I started “Debra’s Adoption Bake Shop.”


I have been focusing mainly on pies, but I also make pretty much any other baked good. This has kept be VERY busy over the last 2 months.

12112370_10156328387870413_2408105547059331282_n I have made around 65 pies, many muffins, pumpkin bread, banana bread, tarts, scones and I have also decorated a cake for a first birthday party.

IMG_7138Running the bake shop on top of all of my other responsibilities been super busy. But I absolutely love it… and from the response I am getting everyone seems to love my baked goods.

12143177_1666144246963077_857664799894214129_nI am extremely encouraged each and every time someone places an order. Our village of people helping us bring our kids home from Haiti just keeps on getting bigger.

We have also been busy with various other things like an Adoption Fundraiser Steeped Tea party, making Minecraft costumes for the boys, Canadian Thanksgiving, preparing for a mom to mom sale, etc!

IMG_7151 IMG_6519
The month of November is shaping up to be another CRAZY busy month! I have lots of orders to fill, Emmaus’ 7th birthday, Christmas parties, church get togethers, a sleep study, and preparing for our trip to California.
Well… maybe one day we will catch our breath! But for now… we will keep on going! Working hard to bring home our kids from Haiti! Every day I dream of the moment they will put their hands in mine and I will become their mommy! Thank you Lord for entrusting us with this journey! We are truly blessed!


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Quebec City

Last week we had the pleasure of flying up to Quebec City to share at our church up there. When we lived in Quebec City to start our French studies we began attending Église Évangélique Baptiste Renaissance. We made many dear friends there. It has been a little difficult keeping up with them because its a French speaking church and its a 10 hour drive away. We do try to get up there every few years to connect with them and update them on our ministry.



One of the big things we wanted to do this summer was to take a trip up there. Well a friend of ours won a pair of airline tickets, but he didn’t need them. So he gave them to us! What a blessing that was to be able to get up there for free. The kids stayed at Norm’s parents house and enjoyed getting spoiled by Gramma Sheila!

IMG_5161 IMG_5244

Since we didn’t have to pay to travel up there, we decided to take two days after to enjoy a little bit of vacation time. We found a hotel near Old Towne Quebec and enjoyed a couple of days of sightseeing, geocaching, good conversations, eating good food and just enjoying our time together. We rarely get opportunities like this. It was so much fun! It was such good time of reminiscing of our time there over 7 years ago!IMG_5238IMG_5221
Thank you so much Ryan for the tickets, the Dumas for having us in your home, Gramma Sheila for watching the kids and Église Évangélique Baptiste Renaissance for all the time and effort in your partnership with our ministry!


Happy Birthday Debra Lynn!

Today is a special day – it’s the birthday of the most incredible woman I have ever known! I am blessed to be her husband and our kids are also blessed to have her as their mother. I don’t know anyone who loves her family so deeply. She loves God and those around her:

Mark 12:30-31 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Debra continually gives to care for me and the kids – our 3 kids with us and also the 2 we haven’t met! She gives selflessly and tirelessly! I know that no matter where God takes us and no matter what He has for us, Debra is there and ready to take on the adventure with me!

Though it’s her birthday, we’re the ones who received a gift when God gave us Debra Lynn!




Shop for a good cause!

We have a few fundraisers going right now. I thought I would post a little bit about them! We are still need to raise around $30,000! We are so amazed at how God has provided for us so far. We have found the one of the best ways to raise money so far has been by selling things. People love to buy something for a good cause. We so very much appreciate all of the MANY people who have already helped us and purchased things from us for our adoption! It is so encouraging to us. Our kids have hundreds of people helping them come home!

Right now we are doing three fundraisers: Steeped Tea, Just Love Coffee and Mabel’s Labels.


Just Love Coffeeurl

Just Love Coffee is an incredible company, they donate a portion of the proceeds from everything they sell. In their first two years of business they donated over $200,000 to adopting families, non profits and the like. They offer lots of variety and all of their coffee is roasted in small, non automated batches. They offer fair trade and organic coffees. These are excellent high quality coffees and make great gifts!  They also offer single serve cups (like K-cups), mugs, clothing, hot chocolate and more! Take a look and feel free to contact us with any questions you have! To shop visit: https://justlovecoffee.com/copelandadoptionSidamo_v3_NoWt


Steeped Tea


Steeped Tea is a very family oriented company!  Fundraising is a huge part of this company and they give to many different programs and people in need. Steeped tea offers many many teas and tea products like tea cups, travel mugs, infusers, tea pots, etc. But for right now we are participating in their fundraising program. This program offers 12 of their most popular teas and three different types of infusers. Each item is $12 and 40% ($4.80 from each item) goes directly towards our adoption! We need to sell at least 48 bags of tea and infusers in order to qualify as a fundraiser. So PLEASE share this with your tea loving friends or buy them as gifts! They make a perfect back to school teacher gift. If you would like to order please contact me at norm.debra@gmail.com or on Facebook. =)
2015_07_23_12_02_41 2015_07_23_12_02_45Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels is also a company big on giving back! Mabel’s Labels offers lots of different kinds of labels so that you don’t lose your stuff. Its perfect for back to school! You can get durable stick on clothing labels, iron on labels, bag tags, household tags, shoe labels and much more. They are all fully customizable and really great quality. I especially love them for winter wear or anything my kids take along with them and tend to misplace! Mabel’s Labels offers 20% of anything you buy and they have free shipping on all orders in Canada and the US! To shop visit: https://www.mabelsfundraising.com/campaigns/23919-copeland-haitian-adoption

Other stuff!
I have a huge bag full of products I am still selling.

I still have: 

  • Haitian cereal box bead bracelets and earrings.imgres-1
  • Head bands from 3 CordsEDIT8256_large
  • Pacifier clips, key chain fobs, rice boo boo bags11114739_10155706937130413_2570324675077072808_nPlease feel free to contact me for info on these items or any other questions you may have! Email me at norm.debra@gmail.com or contact me on Facebook!




Hey all! Yep… we are still here and alive! We haven’t posted much lately, party because there has not been much happening on the adoption front and we have been quite busy!

June and so far July have been pretty packed!

In June we were very busy with life stuff… but also really heartbroken and very mentally preoccupied for our friends Jeremy, Eva and Ayla. Jeremy is a very close friend of ours who we met at Bible School. About a month ago they were driving cross country and Eva started feeling ill. She was 15 weeks pregnant at the time. They stopped in Colorado to go to a clinic to get her checked out. It turns out she had lost the baby and was now life threateningly sick with sepsis. There was about a week or so that we were expecting to hear of her passing. It was a very difficult time to be waiting and not able to actually do anything physically to help. I can only imagine how hard those days were for Jeremy. But our God of miracles saved her life. She is still very very sick and is facing some horrible life long problems because of this. But we are so very grateful that she is alive. If you would like to read more about their story or donate to their medical fund check out their Go Fund Me page here: http://www.gofundme.com/evarecoveryfund


In June we also:
Celebrated Norm’s birthday11109020_10155885212525413_4010443372803587875_n

Celebrated Father’s Day11393218_10155911402290413_2694550278230186999_n

Went to Jungle Camp open houseIMG_1043

Enjoyed our annual church picnic 11238972_10155908175065413_4786909936314781483_n

Cougar and Firefox turned 2 (…or was it 3?)IMG_3769

And many other things!
July is proving to be a very very busy month! So far we have:

Had baptisms at church, Norm’s first time baptizing!IMG_4071IMG_1140
Taken a week long trip to visit friends in Michigan11666164_10155983465680413_8634520291360445248_n10387692_10155983459720413_3938935081754081397_n

Sent Canaan to a week long summer camp11745935_10155991848800413_8704677723734785967_n

Deb, Emmaus and Berea went to a local zoo with our church’s Mom and Tots group11239648_10156003958135413_4198228416622499248_n11755266_10156003956875413_3694737730424873622_n11742792_10156003958740413_5664815540302216590_n

Enjoyed the beautiful outdoors: 11745698_10156022336530413_8957167681773567334_n11009167_10155954300810413_1677910303781659616_n

Debra has also been working on lots of fundraisers for our adoption! Those details will be coming shortly in the next post! Stay Tuned!
These last 6 weeks have been crazy, but we have had lots of opportunities to trust in God and his promises. We also had many chances to encourage and pray for the many people in our lives who are going through difficult times. Some days I look at all the hurting people surrounding me and I feel so broken for them. I feel so helpless! But yet God continues to encourage me through their faith and trust in God. I LOVE encouraging people… And I truly find the easiest, simplest and BEST way is to send scriptures to them and pray for them. God has given us so much wisdom in His Word! I find so much strength to push on when reading about all he has done and promises to do for me and everyone!  Have a blessed day… and consider passing an encouraging verse on to a friend today!


Haiti Bound

mhaitiToday our adoption file should be headed down to Haiti! Yahoo! We have been working so hard to get to this point. It took much much longer than expected. Nevertheless, here we are! It will feel so good to have our file on Haitian soil.

Once our file is in Haiti it will be legalized and then deposited into IBESR. IBESR stands for “Institut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches.” Basically it is the children’s services in Haiti. IBESR will be the ones to approve our file, do and approve our children’s files and then match us with our kids.

IBESR is sometimes called the black hole. Some people get stuck in IBESR for many years for this reason or another. Its not super organized but with the lack of personnel and tools available to them they are doing their very very best. They are working super hard to become more organized and to follow the many rules and red tape that they must follow. We hope to be deposited into IBESR within the next few weeks and then we will hopefully have a file number.


Photo credit: Ambassade de France en Haïti Ambafranceht

We are so very excited to finally be at this stage in the adoption. We will likely be at this whole thing another 2-3 years. A huge part of that depends on how quickly we can be matched with our children. We have been told that because of our very specific age requirements it may take a very very long time. But we are trusting God that this will all happen in his timeline. Our hopes and desires are that it is quick… but whatever it takes to get to our children… we are ready for it. Ready for the long haul! =)


Please keep praying for us! This is a real rollercoaster of a journey! Please also be praying for us financially. We still need to raise about $35,000. We will have to pay almost all of this around the time of the referral… which could be in 9 months, 18 months or more. But its a little scary to think of needing that much money in 9 months time. But as God has taken us through this thus far he has not failed us! I know that in His timing it will all come together! We have a few fundraising ideas up our sleeves. Hopefully we can get them into motion soon. Its very time/energy consuming doing all of this fundraising and adoption paperwork. Pray for perseverance! =)

Thank you for walking with us through this journey! We can not do it alone! We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Have a wonderful day!


Happy 2nd Birthday Berea!

Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl! What a blast these past two years have been with you! You were pretty stubborn and you were born nearly two weeks late. But when you decided to come you came very quickly. You have been developing into such a fun little girl with massive amounts of personality. =) We can’t wait to see what the next year hold with you as you grow more and more into a little girl.


10462932_10155821725075413_7267508190496176720_n 11007745_10155821730945413_1144846351669139250_n 11148649_10155821730300413_3937090422589308492_n 11377390_10155821772400413_6249191891577683723_n


Secret Mission to Cali

Berea and I just got home from California. We called it our secret mission! I’ve been dearly missing my family and every time we go out our time is very very busy. We are usually visiting churches, supporters, friends and busy getting everything off of our shopping lists. That is NOT a bad thing, but I was ready to just see my family and spend good quality time with them.

While we were there we ate some of my favourite foods (In-n-out, Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Tri-Tip, Los Posas Strawberries…), layed around and watched tv, ate more food, went to the beach, shopped at Target and Trader Joes, cooked together, had lots of great coversations, ate food, jumped on the trampoline, ate food… It was PERFECT!

Here are some pics from the trip. I also posted an album on Facebook, so check it out! =) IMG_2191IMG_2141IMG_2207IMG_2183IMG_2079IMG_2010 IMG_2245

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Faith and Disappointment


Well, again, we have good news and we have bad news! It sounds like we have Ministry approval, we will get the official word on Monday! This is excellent news! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out my post explaining our need for Ministry approval. First read this one: Setbacks and Hope and then this one: Great News and Bad News

After a week of back and forth emails, revisions, signatures, phone calls we were told that we have our approval as soon as we email the final revised paperwork back to them with our signature on it. We did that yesterday. So I guess we are just waiting for the official paper to be mailed to our adoption agency.  This is so wonderful because it was the FINAL piece of paper needed before our file could be sent to the Haitian embassy for authentication and then finally mailed down to Haiti. This is such a huge relief! This step has been a bit of a nightmare and it only should have taken a few weeks.

And here comes the bad news…

When they sent us the final revisions to our paperwork they changed the ages that we are approved to adopt. We called and tried to see if it could be put back and they were completely against it. Back in the Setbacks and Hope post I talked about the 18 month rule. This is what I said:

18 month rule- There is a guideline in Ontario that you cannot adopt any children that are within 18 months of age of any of your biological children. We were under the impression that this was not going to be enforced in our situation. But the Ministry has since said that we will 100% have to abide by this. Our adoption agency has told us that if we abide by this rule it will be very difficult to find a match for us… that it may be many years to find a match… at first they said that it would be impossible. But since then they have said that it is possible but that it will likely take a long long time.

After writing that post we were told that a miracle happened and they decided against making us follow this rule. We were ecstatic and overjoyed! But then on Friday they wrote us and email and said that they again changed their minds and are enforcing this rule.

It might not sound like a big deal. But our adoption agency is telling us that its going to be very very difficult to find us a match within those dates and that we may be waiting several years. Its a real blow. I’ll be honest, I cried. I’m not a crier… but I couldn’t contain my disappointment. Pure disappointment.

When the news came in a major mental battle started within me. I believe without a doubt that God has already picked out my sweet children. I also firmly believe that He has already seen the day that we walk off the airplane in Toronto with our precious children and that its the exact date He has chosen.

So if this new “bad news” doesn’t change who my children are and it doesn’t change the day that we bring them home… why am I so very sad and disappointed? I have absolute unwavering faith that God’s got this. He has every detail worked out.


I’ve had to really work through this in my mind and also talked it out with my loving husband. Norm reminded me of Romans 12:15 “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” I was taken aback and thought the word mourning was just way too strong. But I realized that it wasn’t actually. I’m disappointed in my expectations being shattered. I had imagined this going smoothly, with two kids that fit nicely between Berea and Emmaus, having them all close in age. Now I am mourning the loss of how I saw this going, I’m mourning the loss of time I had expected Canaan to have with our adopted kids before he grew up. He will will be probably 12 or 13 before our kids come home to us. Unless God blows us away once again… which is my hope! =)


I’ve been struggling with the fact that I’m so disappointed in God’s plan. Even though I have utmost faith in his plan. I kept telling Norm that I didn’t know how I could have total faith in his plan and yet feel so sad about it. I felt that if I saw the facts…

  • He has a plan. Jer. 29:11
  • He is in control. Jer. 32:27, Job 42:2
  • He has all the details already worked out. Psalm 37:23
  • He already has my kids picked out for us. Psalm 33:11
  • He already has the date set for their arrival. Psalm 139:16


…and had total faith in those facts that my feelings should be joy, peace, contentment. It didn’t compute in my head. Until I saw that I DID have peace, joy and contentment. I was not angry, anxious, resentful, bitter, nor in despair. I’ll be honest… I had moments though where I started to take this personally or feel upset with the person who decided to be “mean” to us… And I would again remember the facts… Gods got this!


Can we be sad, disappointed, and mourn things in our life? You betcha! Does this mean that we don’t have faith in what God is doing in our lives? Nope! But we have to be careful not to wallow and have self pity.  We need to have the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Note that being happy is not one of the fruits of the spirit and being sad or disappointed doesn’t interfere with the fruit of the spirit. Wallowing in a in self pity though would not show joy nor self-control.
So what are your thoughts? What are some of the times you have been disappointed in God’s plan?

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and walk this journey with us!



One Year Anniversary

We're adopting!

One year ago we posted our big adoption announcement! If you never read it please do! Just click here: A Leap of Faith!

It’s been a true roller coaster ride. Up and down, fun and scary, happy and sad, exhilarating and nauseating. But most of all its been an incredible journey of faith!

When we first thought about adopting we had a pretty simple idea in our heads. Fill out some papers, raise a little money and voila: A new kid in the family!

This little picture that I found on Facebook has been so true for us this past year:

We have been through a year long crash course on international adoption and yet we are still only learning the tip of the iceberg.

So much has changed from the first day we decided to adopt.  We originally thought we were going to adopt only one baby girl from Guinea, but God closed the door on adopting from Guinea. We then decided to adopt from Haiti. And slowly over time God really moved in our hearts and nudged us to change our plans yet again and adopt two children! Not only two but not babies. In Haiti most children available are between 3-6. And the process takes several years. So we are looking at bringing home two kids between the ages of 5-8. faith-mlk-quoteI know that if we planned on spending 3-4+years in the adoption process to adopt 2 children that are much older than babies and spend around $70,000 doing that…. I would NEVER have signed up for it. But you know what?! God worked in our hearts, brought us to this place, and we are OVER THE MOON excited! I’m so glad God works on our hearts slowly, one little bit at a time.

One year ago we posted that we were taking a giant leap of faith. And that it has been and will continue to be a leap or journey of faith for many years to come! I’m incredibly glad that God has brought us to this path. Its a scary uncomfortable path… but and incredible one that I very much want to continue traveling, with HIM as our guide!

If you haven’t been following our adoption feel free to browse through all of our adoption posts: Copeland Adoption

Thank you for walking with us on this journey! Have a blessed day!